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Mecánica Cuántica

Syllabi: Syllabus QM ISyllabus QM II  (notes -in progress- based on Griffiths text book)

Introduction: introexperiments

Wave functions: states and wave functionsnormalizationsuperpositionSchrodinger Equationexpectation values, uncertainty principle

Time-independent Schrodinger Equation: introinfinite square wellorthonormal and complete wave functionsinfinite square well - general solutions, harmonic oscillator: part 1, part 2, part 3free particlebound and scattering statesDirac delta wellfinite square well

Formalism: introdeterminate states, Generalized Statistical Interpretation: part 1part 2, Hilbert space 

QM in 3D: Schrodinger Equation in 3D, Hydrogen atom, angular momentum, spin, electromagnetic interactions

Identical particles: two-particle systems, bosons and fermions, geometrical consequence of symmetrization, Generalized Symmetrization Principle, atoms, the periodic table, intro to the Quantum Theory of Solids

Symmetries and conservation laws: translational symmetry, conservation laws, parity, rotational symmetry, rotations in time

Time-independent perturbation theory:

The variational principle:

The WKB approximation:


Quantum dynamics: